From: Shelby Lim @ Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Hello Mountain friends,

We are excited to announce that we will be doing a soft opening of Molly’s today and tomorrow starting at lunchtime for staff and locals with a limited menu to try some of our new items and give our Bar team and kitchen staff a chance to do some hands-on training!

Molly’s will be open to public as of Friday on the schedule below. Please feel free to share with other community members, your guests or post to your social media feeds/websites.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Molly’s Operation Hours

Dec. 2nd-6th

Wed- 12pm-5pm

Thursday 12pm-5pm

Friday 12-8pm

Sat 4pm-8pm

Sun 4pm-8pm


Dec 7th– Dec 13th

Mon- 12-8


Wed 12-8

Thurs 12-8

Fri 12-10

Sat 12-10

Sunday 12-8