The Hemlock Valley Homeowners Association was established in 1980. The HVHA is a neutral, non-profit society, and with the launch of our NEW website, we will strive to keep you well informed and up-to-date. We would like to invite you to a new and exciting future.

The HVHA represents the community and strives to improve the village of Hemlock Valley and work towards an even more successful future.  We are committed to ensuring high standards of public health, safety, public services and a clean eco-friendly environment for our community.  With ongoing dialogue, we will endeavor to identify the issues that are important to you, so that we may take positive action with all levels of government.

Please join us.  To do so, print out our membership form, fill in the registration details and then mail it back to us with the membership payment of $10.00.

If you are already a member and have moved or changed your e-mail address please send us a note with your updated information so we can keep the mailing list information current.