About the HVHA

Since August 6th 1992, the Hemlock Valley Homeowners Association has been working to improve safety, public services and sustainable growth in the village on behalf of homeowners. We’re working to support your investment in the community. But we can’t do it without the community’s support.

HVHA directors have been instrumental in getting village concerns and petitions heard by business leaders and government officials. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is getting the message, “Fix this damn road!” Slowly, Hemlock Valley Road is ratcheting further up the government’s to-do list. Data-gathering and engineering is ongoing, and so are the improvements. The pressure to act must not stop now.

We’ve produced beneficial contacts with top-notch figures at the FVRD, the Mountain Resorts Branch, the MOTI, Emergency Management BC, the Berezan Hospitality Group, the Sts’ailes First Nation and more.

Whether you’ve built years of priceless memories on the mountain with family and friends, or you’re in the process of building your first vacation home, Hemlock Valley matters to you. It matters to us too. Let’s all do our part to protect what we have here now, and to ensure even better things to come.

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Because Hemlock Valley is a really cool place to be.
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