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For urgent Hemlock Valley Road maintenance concerns, call 1.800.667.5122

Hemlock Valley Road and all village roads are the responsibility of BC’s Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure. Maintenance of our roads is contracted out by the Province to Emil Anderson Maintenance (EAM)

All comments and questions regarding Hemlock Valley Road and other village roads should be sent to BOTH THE CONTRACTOR AND THE PROVINCE.

For urgent road attention due to dangerous and unsafe conditions, please contact Ashok Bhatti, South Coast Regional Director for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and/or Gulraiz Cheema, Area Manager first and then click here to send someone details at Emil Anderson. The reason for this is simple. The MOTI signs the cheques for Emil Anderson. Homeowners in Hemlock Valley do not. Emil Anderson receives bonus payments for a percieved job well done each year. If we do not tell the MOTI that the job is not well done, how else will the government know?

Please include as much detail about your concern(s) as possible. Include location(s) and images whenever possible.

Ministry of transportation & infrastructure

45890 Victoria Ave, Chilliwack BC V2P 2T1
Phone: 604-795-8211
Fax: 604-795-8214

Gulraiz Cheema – Area Manager Roads, Fraser North – Service Area 7 Fraser Valley
direct line: 778-704-7278
[email protected]

Elena Farmer – District Manager, Transportation | Lower Mainland District | South Coast Region
Phone: 236-468-1935
[email protected]

Emil anderson maintenance (EAM)

Rosedale, BC
Ph: 604-794-7414
[email protected]

Antony Roth – Fraser Valley West Superintendent (EAM)
Cell: 778-771-3388
[email protected]

Stefan Brysch – Operations Manager (EAM)
Ph: 604-795-7414 ext 230 | Cell: 778-878-2375
[email protected]

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