Thank you ALL for your efforts!

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On behalf of Hemlock Valley Homeowners Association  and myself , a huge thank you to:

  1. Laurie Throness MLA for getting Hydro back on our hill ASAP
  2. Ken Harbord and the Hemlock Valley Volunteer Fire Department for emergency planning with Nicole Spence. Also for staying longer to ensure we have adequate fire fighters on the hill.
  3. Elena Farmer @ MOT for getting the road repairs going and hydro crews up to repair. Also for staying in close contact with the community.
  4. Shelby L. & Jessie C from the resort for facilitating the evacuation and for their great communication to all.
  5. Kevin & Wendy (Snowflake) , Marty & Richard (Hemlock Hollow) for helping stranded families with food and accommodations.
  6. And finally, to all the homeowners that opened their homes and hearts to the stranded families.

          Our community came together as one to deal with this emergency and did a great job. However, we learned a lot about gaps in our emergency preparedness and have work to do for the future. As new information regarding Hemlock Valley Road comes in to us, it will be passed on to you.

         Again, THANK YOU ALL

         Brian Murphy
         President HVHA
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