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Exploring the Hemlock Valley Resort Association: Your Gateway to a Thriving Community

Hello Hemlock Valley homeowners,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Jason Vance, the Vice President of the Hemlock Valley Homeowners Association, and on behalf of your President, Executives, and Directors working hard behind the scenes, I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you. We have been approached by Deanne Steven from Larch Business Services, who presented us with an intriguing opportunity that could bring about numerous benefits for our community.

Introducing the Hemlock Valley Resort Association

The concept on the table is the creation of the Hemlock Valley Resort Association. Larch Business Services already manages the Red Resort Association on behalf of Red Mountain Ventures, and they believe that establishing a Resort Association in our area could be a game-changer for Hemlock Valley.

Why Consider a Resort Association?

So, what exactly is a Resort Association and why should you be interested? Resort Associations play a vital role in the development and maintenance of resort communities. They help enhance the overall experience for residents and visitors alike by coordinating various aspects such as infrastructure development, recreational facilities, and community events.

By forming the Hemlock Valley Resort Association, we have the opportunity to shape our community’s future, ensure its continued growth, and make Hemlock Valley an even more desirable place to be and live.

Get Informed – Join Us on October 3rd at 7pm

To provide homeowners with a deeper understanding of what this endeavour entails and how it can benefit our community, we have organized an online meeting for October 3rd, at 7pm. I will be hosting the meeting, and Deanne Steven will be our guest speaker. She will give a detailed presentation, explaining the roles and responsibilities of a Resort Association, the process of becoming a legal entity, and answer any questions you may have.

This meeting is a crucial step in ensuring that each homeowner is well-informed and ready to register and decide with confidence when the time comes for a community vote on this important issue.

Your Participation Matters

Your participation in this meeting is absolutely vital to shaping the future of Hemlock Valley for decades to come. We encourage all homeowners to attend and engage in the discussion. Have concerns? Feeling apprehensive? Think this is a scam? Fantastic!! You are exactly the type of person we need to show up at this meeting, raise your hand, and tell us what’s on your mind. Together, we can explore the potential benefits, as well as address the possible problems, of the Hemlock Valley Resort Association and decide if it aligns with our collective vision for our community.

Mark your calendars for October 3rd at 7pm, and join us online. Let’s work together to make Hemlock Valley an even better place to call home.

Meeting Info: Hemlock Valley – Resort Association Discussion

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 251 597 336 96
Passcode: 9yW7tE


Having troubles connecting? Try this LINK to find help. TipJoin the meeting before the scheduled start time to test your setup and troubleshoot, if necessary, to avoid frustration later. Meeting will begin promptly at 7pm.

Want to ask, comment on, or respond to, questions anonymously during the meeting? We want to hear from you and sometimes asking in ZOOM, or Microsoft Teams, means your name is attached to it. Click this LINK before the meeting and use this method to engage with others incognito.🥷

Or, do it all much faster by using this QR code. 

We look forward to your active participation and insightful questions. See you there!

Warm regards,

Jason Vance
Vice President
Hemlock Valley Homeowners Association

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